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Snowing at Moonlight

Snowing and cold landscape of a rural wild forest at moonlight.

Lit-up Candle Light

Lit-up candle continiously burning and lighting.

A Mammut Walking

A mammut, an extinct animal distantly related to elephants, continiously walking in and out of your screen.

Full Moon Reflection over the Sea

Moon reflection over the sea water when it is completely illuminated as seen from Earth.

Northern Lights and Shooting Stars

A vivid view of the result of collisions between gaseous particles in the Earth's atmosphere with charged particles released from the sun's atmosphere (northern lights).

Close-up Bright Sun

Close-up view of the sun without the need of ultraviolet glasses.

Video Gallery

This section presents the best videos of relaxation that we have collected over the time for all of you who want to relax, calm down, clear your mind, eliminate stress or simply use the videos as a beautiful wallpaper or screensaver on any digital device such as computers, tablets, smart tvs or smartphones.

We call Visual Meditation to this innovative form of relaxation that is based on the use of colorful and breathtaking visual content instead of audio content in order to achieve the same relaxing effect as the typical videos of classic relaxing music.

This technique is very powerful since it is based on the effect of the imagination. Each person will imagine in a complete different way when watching these visual videos, different qualities and feelings will arise and, therefore, each person will also relax and concentrate in different ways depending on their inner world and their outer world. And it only takes a few minutes a day to maintain a healthy body and mind.

You have at your disposal a video gallery with a wide variety of themes such as sunsets, the moon, a wied variety of animals, the space, the oceans or a fidget spinner, among others. And mostly you will find abstract videos of colored particles that will flow around your screen in order to give free rein to your imagination.